Soloist in Elijah w/Duluth Superior Symphony Orchestra, c. Dirk Meyer
"From beginning to end, the thrill of the evening was the interchange between the chorus and the soloists....Wilson was at her best when she consoled Elijah with a silky "O rest in the Lord."
- Samuel Black, Duluth News Tribune, November 18, 2012

Soloist in Handel Messiah w/Syracuse Symphony, c. Daniel Hege
"The evening's female soloists were also in fine voice. Wilson's mezzo-soprano was warm and bright."
- Daniel J. Kushner, Syracuse Post-Standard, December 15, 2008

Soloist in Mahler Symphony No. 2 w/Duluth-Superior Symphony, c. Markand Thakar
"Immediately, Wilson, the mezzo-soprano, stepped forward and stilled the house with her beautifully intimate interpretation of a poem Mahler called “Primeval Light”: “Humans are in deepest pain! … but No! a loving God will light me into that eternal blissful life!” Thakar was exceptional as he kept the DSSO hushed, sensitively accompanying the soloist.   With the final movement, off-stage horns added to the depth of sound. Choir, soloists and full orchestra made the auditorium vibrate like never before. The audience was unhesitating in its applause. Listening to the two soloists soar up and over the choir and the orchestra was breathtaking.”
- Samuel Black, Duluth News Tribune, April 14, 2008

Soloist in Verdi's Requiem w/ Spokane Symphony, c. Eckart Preu
“Verdi wrote the Requiem's solo parts for four outstanding operatic voices of his own time, and each of those beauty of tone and commanding vocal technique but a dramatically convincing emotional presence, as well. And don't forget power.  This quartet had power to spare. But it was in the tenderness of Kinoshita and Wilson in the Recordare or in the Wilson-Smith-Ford trio of the Lux aeterna that gave me goose-bumps.”
- Travis Rivers, Spokesman Review, October 21, 2007

Soloist in Verdi's Requiem w/ Lexington Philharmonic, c. George Zack:
"The toughest job of the solo crew was given to mezzo-soprano Jan Wilson. She was a thoroughly burnished alto, and yet she carried a vibrant tone to soprano heights. She was fully engaged in communicating the meaning of it all: human dignity amid great turmoil of spirit."
-- Loren Tice, Lexington Herald, Saturday, April 16, 2005

Soloist in Beethoven's Ninth Symphony w/ Garrett Lakes Arts Festival, c. David Wroe:
"Mezzo-soprano Jan Wilson, whose bio in the program listed no fewer than six performances of Beethoven's Ninth within the past season had the least gracious part of the four for solo voices. Indeed, the mezzo actually has no outright solo and must always contend with at least one other singer as well as being buried in the middle. Yet Ms. Wilson was ideal, for she has a nice point to her voice which allows it to emerge from the quartet and have an impact."
-- Paul M. Somers, Editor, Classical New Jersey Society, Former Music Reviewer, Newark Star Ledger

Soloist in Bach's St. Matthew Passion w/ The Bach Choir of Pittsburgh:
"Jan Wilson's voice was rich and colorful."
-- Eric Hanes, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - April 12, 2004

Soloist in Beethoven's Ninth Symphony w/ West Virginia Symphony, c. Grant Cooper
"The choice of vocal soloists, Jennifer Peters, soprano; Jan Wilson, mezzo soprano; Robert Allen, tenor; and Peter Van De Graff, baritone, could not have been better..."
-- Charleston Daily Mail - September 13, 2003

Soloist in Elijah w/ Richmond Symphony, c. Gerardo Edelstein:
"Well-chosen soloists added significantly to the excellent performance of this long and demanding work. It is unusual to find a group of soloists all of whom have handsome voices and the musicianship to go with them. They were equally effective singing solo, in duet or in quartet. Wilson's Queen Jezebel was sung with real conviction. Her 'O Rest in the Lord' was moving, revealing her command of her lovely voice and the role she was singing. A mighty and glorious sound."
--James. A. Jerritt, Richmond-Times Dispatch - March 20, 2000

Soloist in Elijah w/ State College Choral Society, c. D. Douglas Miller:
"Baritone Sherrill Milnes had excellent support. The soloists were excellent. Wilson and Kennedy were strong supports as the Queen vowed to take Elijah's life."
-- Bob Cole, Centre Daily Times - April 28, 1997

Soloist in Mozart's "Great" Mass in C w/ Erie Philharmonic, c. Joseph Silverstein:
"Wilson's rich and large mezzo gave tonal expressiveness to the coloratura aria, 'Laudamus te,' and in the other sections in which she figured."
-- Gerry Wallerstein, Erie Daily Times - March 1996

Soloist in Mahler's Second Symphony w/ Wheeling Symphony, c. Rachel Worby
"The fourth movement, the briefest one in this symphony, is a glorious setting of a German folk poem. Sung by alto soloist Jan Wilson, this gem of a movement was a beautifully tranquil moment in a score which seldom affords tranquility."
--John W.P. Storck, The Intelligencer - April 4, 1996

Soloist in Elgar's Sea Pictures w/ Altoona Symphony, c. Nicholas Palmer:
 {Live performance of 2/22/97 Released on CD on Symphony's private label}
"Wilson, a regional finalist in the Metropolitan Opera Auditions, is a secure singer who boasts a dark, well-focused tone, unerring intonation, clear diction, and a striking ability to sustain the music's long lines; it's a slower and richer performance than [Janet] Baker's but it never turns heavy..."
--Peter J. Rabinowitz, Fanfare - February 14, 1998

Soloist in Elgar's Sea Pictures w/ Altoona Symphony c. Nicholas Palmer:
 {Live Performance of 2/22/97 Released on Symphony's private label}
"Wilson's ripe and full-throated embrace of the various texts, in the final storm at sea piling on the vibrato in the best Helen Traubel tradition; there is a sonorous aura surrounding the soloist."
-- Haller, American Record Guide - May/June 1998

Soloist in Mahler's Lieder eines fahrenden Gesellen w/ Penn's Woods Festival Orchestra, c. Barbara Yahr
"Yahr conducted the orchestra in a partnership with Janice Wilson, mezzo-soprano, that beautifully illustrates the music and poetry in this song cycle. The four songs were offered in Wilson's strong, sensitive delivery. Wilson exhibited an affinity for Mahler... her Mahler delivery was excellent. When she rose to a higher register she delivered a power and control that was outstanding."
-- Bob Cole, Centre Daily Times - July 31, 1995

Soloist in Mahler's Symphony No. 2 w/ Dubuque Symphony c. Nicholas Palmer
"Wilson's solo opening, and subsequent solo artistry, in the 'Urlicht', was deeply moving, the work of a mature artist. Part of Wilson's challenge was to 'present' a rose, a soloist, standing in the midst of a chorus, and sing, heart to heart to each one in the audience. And she did it, poignantly."
-- Harvey Hess, Telegraph Herald - February 22, 1998

Soloist in Messiah w/ Pennsylvania Centre Chamber Orchestra c. Douglas Meyer
"Wilson's voice was a lovely exhibition, especially in the lower register where, by directing her passages and changing the nuances, she provided drama in 'Then shall the eyes of the blind be opened' and in 'He was despised.' Both were excellent in the recitative and aria 'He shall feed His flock.' An attentive audience that hung on every note burst into a well-deserved spontaneous standing ovation at the conclusion."
-- Bob Cole, Centre Daily Times - December 20, 1995

Soloist in Shafer's Minnelieder (Song Cycle for Mezzo-soprano and Pennsylvania Wind Quintet) Recorded for Centaur Records
"This disc is an excellent addition to the shelf of contemporary American music and I highly recommend it. Wilson has a real flair for this kind of music."
-- Elliott S. Hurwitt, Fanfare - June 1995